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Meet Alesa:Your Luxury Travel Concierge

My Mission:

To provide Luxury Concierge services to traveling couples who are seeking a romantic escape - honeymoon, destination wedding, or other group travel in the premium and luxury sectors.

It all started when I was 14. My family traveled on a large plane to Hawaii. We enjoyed in-flight movies and lasagna! Stewardesses handed out whole cans of soda and TWA wing clips. The crew smiled brilliantly and seemed as excited as we were! That trip to Hawaii was the first time I'd been on a real vacation that involved flying and beaches! From the moment I stepped out of that magical airplane and into the fragrant island air, I fell in love with travel!

As an adult, travel became a necessity - like air. At least for me that’s true. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until my toes touched foreign soil for the first time. Now I yearn for more interactions with people I can only communicate with through hand gestures and silly facial expressions. I crave new food experiences and ache to see far-off vistas that I’ve only dreamed of. If you are like me, you fantasize about your next adventure as soon as your jet-lag wears off.

My love of travel was soon coupled with the drive to write about my travels or to create fictional stories around the situations and characters I experienced along the way. You can find my memoir that takes place on the Camino de Santiago here:

I'm currently blogging and working diligently on my 2nd and 3rd novels. 

To me, travel opens the heart and the mind to new ideas and prospects that we may not have considered before we left home. Now I am bringing my love of travel and years of exceptional people-skills to my business. What better way than to offer you the best in service when planning your honeymoon, anniversary, or wellness retreat? 

Are you struggling with where to go? Do you want to see the same old place you’ve been a few times already or are you ready for a new destination with world-class accommodations and top-notch service?

Let's chat about the types of travel you enjoy and the kinds you don’t. Do you like to include intellectual tours or are you more of a nature buff - preferring to be outside rather than in a museum? Do you like fine wine and dining or shopping? We can combine them all or focus on one. It’s up to you.

My goal is to assist you in creating the perfect vacation - whether that’s a private yacht trip or a safari for six.

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